Time flies when you're knitting!

Gosh where does time go?  I've hardly been here at all over the last couple of weeks although I've thought about blogging approximately 10 times a day, give or take! There always seems to be loads of things to blog about but either I have no appropriate photos, no photos at all or 100 photos of Mack (the dog!) and as much as I love him, this is not his blog! 

So in the spirit of giving myself a bit of a kickstart, here are a few pictures I've taken over the last couple of weeks on Instagram

The first is a cute little hat that I knitted (I doubt you're counting but that means I'm three quarters of the way through completing 4 knitted projects this year!)  

This pattern is from the Tegan Baby Hat on Ravelry.  I made it to the size 6 - 12 months and as I have no idea how big a baby's head usually is, I just had to trust it was within the right sort of size.  I tried it on my niece who is 15 months and it fitter her perfectly, so I think I may be a bit of a 'loose knitter' if that's the correct terminology.  This was a 4 needle project which was rather brave for me, all things considered, but other than being a bit tricky to handle and my stitches falling off the needles a few times, it was manageable.

Then I thought I'd have a go at this project that has been calling to me for a while

Hmmm, well after feeling mostly confident with the hat, I thought these would be a nice next step on my knitting ladder.  So I made one glove (with a few mistakes) and swiftly unraveled it without taking a picture.  I'm not sure whether the person who made this pattern has exceptionally tiny hands or whether they are meant for children, but truly the glove I made was absolutely tiny.   And I thought I was a loose knitter.  Oh well this knitting malarkey is obviously a lot more difficult than my last 3 projects have led me to believe.  But I will conquer these gloves, they just may be in an assortment of sizes! 

So other than knitting, I have also been to a couple of op shops just lately and have found some scrumptious goodies.  This crochet pattern is just gorgeous. 

I wonder whether the shape forms automatically when the zig zags are sewn together.  This has gone on my 'to make one day' list.

I also couldn't resist this cute little basket.  It's one of those ones from the 70s or there abouts with a wooden bottom.  It is in perfect condition.

And there was an obligatory trip to the beach, of course.  I went in search of some Saltwater Sandals to Barwon Heads and found a bit of coastline I'd never been to before.  It was one of those days where I was just totally astounded by the beauty of the beach and could have stayed there forever.

I'm not sure why but the tide seems to be out a lot further at the moment at the beaches I've been to.  Even at high tide there is still sand to walk on at my usual beach.  I wonder whether the tides change with the seasons as well as daily?  

This beach looked like the land that time forgot

I rolled up my trousers and got in amongst the rock pools.  It was blissful.

My treasures don't look all that exciting compared to what I usually find.  There are always plenty of cuttlefish bones on the beaches around here and I really love the pink seaweed and the little coil shells.

And so between knitting, op shopping and beach dwelling I have been doing the normal stuff, of which there are no photos. Other than those of the salads I've been making for myself.  I have found quinoa just recently and I really like it.  I cook it with a sprig of rosemary and it tastes just lovely!

And to end.....

There's a pic of Mack in his favourite position.   "Is Inspector Rex on yet"?
That dog has the life of Riley!

Hope you're well and keeping warm in the snow and cool in the sun.
I'm off to have a look at my favourite blogs now, I've missed them and look forward to having a look see at what has been going!

Jo x


Jo Shedden said...

Love it all, the beach, the basket, the food, the knitting (I am trying to get my Mum to knit me the beanie in that magazine!). Lovely to get a catch up with you Jo xx

Jo said...

Thanks Jo. I had a look at the cable beanie in the magazine, I reckon if your Mom's a knitter she could whip that up in no time at all. Keep asking!
Jo x

Susan C. said...

I know the feeling about the photos, I am trying to build up a library..often then the story writes itself.
I think you must be still in a UK mindset, knitting in summer?? :-)

Jo said...

Hi Susan,
the photo thing is weird isn't it? Do you take photos and then realise don't correlate to what you want to say and vice - versa? Perhaps a photo library may work for me too?
As for knitting in summer, I thing I may be still adjusting to life in the southern hemisphere - 6 years on! :) Mind you I do just pick the not so hot days to get my yarn out!
Jo x

Coal Valley View said...

Hi Jo,

Love your beanie! I can't for the life of me use DP needles, and you used 4???? Those gloves look gorgeous, but a bit tricky. I've picked top a few 70's Women's Mags from the op shops lately too and love their focus on knitting and crochet. Some real gems there, also on my to do list :-) I like Inspector Rex, I see to watch it with my grandparents when I lived in Sydney. Good luck with all your knitting/crochet. Mel x

Coal Valley View said...

Ahhh, excuse the spelling mistakes. It's the computer, not me :-)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I really like the little knot on top of that hat, whoever wears it will LOVE using it to pull it off! :) x

Jo said...

Thanks Mel, 70's mags are the best aren't they? I can't resist them! I was surprised at myself being able to use the 4 DP needles, but once I got going it was fine.
Jo x

Jo said...

Ada I hadn't thought of that but it will definitely offer a little hand great leverage once it's discovered!
Jo x

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